♥ The Author

She's a pinay foodie. She loves...

To eat.
To cook.
To experiment.
Sea foods.
Crabs and prawns, in particular.
Spicy foods.
Anything edible?!
Nah...just kidding.
She doesn't eat balut; never even tried one, actually. Oh sorry, she tried that hardened albumin once. It's so hard to chew she never tried it again.

More about her? Follow her food adventures here at Pinay Foodie Diaries. ^_^

♥ The Blog

Pinay Foodie Diaries is a compilation of the author's food trips and food finds, usually here in the Metro. It also includes her kitchen adventures, as she loves to cook and experiment on cooking and preparing foods. Mostly, it would be homemade Filipino dishes (lutong-bahay) though sometimes, she tries to experiment on other dishes, too. From time to time, this blog shall also feature other articles of interest to her, not necessarily based on her food trips and/or food adventures, but still food-related.

All the articles and photos published in this blog are of the owner, except those stated otherwise; hence, shall not be copied in any way without written permission.

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