Shutter Delights | Fruity Melon (Cantaloupe) Cup

fruity melon (cantaloupe) cup

Recently, I'm having fun playing around with my fruity breakfast to make it more appealing in photos. I'm not good at it as I'm not a creative person but I'm still happy trying out and making my photos and my subject kind of somehow different, if not appealing.  For this one, I made the cantaloupe fruit into a cup. I sliced and removed the cantaloupe top (where the stem is), removed the the fruit meat inside, sliced it into small pieces and moved it back to the melon cup. Instead of just making a melon cup, I added some slices of cucumber for fruity variation and color. So there it is, my fruity melon cup!

What about you fellow foodies, are you playing around with your fruity breakfast too? Let us know and share it in the comment box below. 😊

~ oo00oo ~

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