Saturday Shutter Delights | Tsokolate, Tuyo at Kanin (Hot Chocolate, Dried Fish and Rice) Combo

tsokolate-kanin-tuyo combo
tsokolate-tuyo-kanin combo

I posted this on my IG a few weeks ago. I love this combo that from time to time I'm having it for a meal (not necessarily just for breakfast). Rural folks (or may be those under-privilege like us) know this combo but instead of hot chocolate, they usually pair it with coffee (kapeng barako 'coz I'm a Batangueña 😄). I'm  having this meal with hot chocolate as I’m lessening my coffee intake nowadays because of acid reflux. For me, hot choco does not trigger acid reflux as much as the coffee does.

What about you dear Pinoy readers? Have you tried this combo? If not, try it and comment your take in the comment box below. Happy weekend everyone!

~ oo00oo ~

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