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red plum

Red plum, a member of stone fruit family, is a sweet and juicy fruit with smooth reddish skin. It looks like an apple on the outside but they are soft and pulpy to touch, actually. There are two types (at least, the ones I saw) of plums sold here in the Philippines, the one with red flesh as shown in the photo above and another one, with yellowish/brownish flesh. But they both taste the same, kinda sweet and juicy with a hint of tartness. I saw these plums in the grocery store (while grocery shopping for essentials during the covid-19 pandemic) and got interested so I bought a few pieces. It's kinda pricey here, around 230 Php per kilo but when I checked the net for its nutrients, it's worth it for me. Anyway, it's probably pricey because this is an imported fruit and I read it cannot be grown in tropical countries like ours.

Red plum is a low calorie nutritious fruit which contain many vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, K, potassium, manganese and magnesium, among others. It is also rich in antioxidants, a substance that protects our body from free radicals or harmful compounds. It is also high in fiber which helps in keeping a healthy digestive system.  Dried plums or prunes are also known to help relieve constipation.

With all these nutrients and benefits, a pricey plum is all worth it, right? So head on to your favorite grocery store and check out if they have plum stocks. I know prunes are always available but fresh plums are seasonal (I didn't always see them) so check them out. Always try to eat right and eat healthy, EAT your vitamins! 😊

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