Saturday Shutter Delights | Bangkalog: Bangus, Kanin at Itlog

bangkalog: bangus, kanin at itlog
bangkalog: bangus, kanin (in this photo: kamatis) at itlog

We Filipinos love to coin a name for anything and everything, including food. That's why we have several "silog" varieties - tapsilog, tosilog, hotsilog, bangsilog and many more. For this Saturday's shutter delights, I'm featuring bangkalog - bangus (milkfish), kanin (steamed, not sinangag or fried rice; not in the photo though), itlog (egg, sunny side-up). It's a healthy and delish Filipino breakfast combo. It's usually available in restaurants (and eateries, of course) serving Filipino dishes. And it's available as all-day breakfast, too. But since we are on a lock down, I cooked and prepared my own bangkalog.

What about you fellow foodies? What's your favorite silog combo? Comment and share your favorite silog combo in the comment box below.

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