Sunday Shutter Delights | Avocadoria's Avocado Lover

I first read about avocadoria from instagram. A popular food-grammer posted it in his(?)/her(?) (I dunno, haha) account but he/she said the store is in Cubao so I didn't expect to try it soon. One Sunday however, while walking along the Sky Garden in SM North, I saw Avocadoria's newly opened store. Of course, I immediately went in and place my order. There's quite a number of customers inside so I guess it really is popular. The store clerk said avocado shake is not available so I settled on avocado lover, an avocado sundae with crushed graham, nuts, chia seeds and avocado chunks. After taking avocado-lover-fie, I get a scoop and tasted it. It's creamy, very creamy actually but I couldn't taste avocado flavor from the sundae itself. If not for the avocado chunks, I wouldn't know it's avocado-flavored. But I love its creaminess and its crunchy texture that I'm sure I'm gonna buy from this store again soon. Next time, I'll try avocado dream, their avocado shake version. I'm an avocado lover and I super love Big Chill's avocado shake so we'll see which is better. 'Til next time...

~ oo00oo ~

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