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Tokyo Tokyo seafood ramen
Tokyo Tokyo seafood ramen - 170 Php (snack size), 220 Php (regular size)

Recently, I happen to visit Tokyo Tokyo again, after years!? or probably months!? of not visiting this restaurant.  I used to frequent Tokyo Tokyo before but their offerings get quite pricey nowadays that I seldom visit the place anymore. One time, I'm craving for ramen but I'm on a thrift-mode so I went to Tokyo Tokyo (Trinoma) for a cheaper ramen fix. I was supposed to order their classic ramen but found out they have new offering so I tried it. The first one I tried is their seafood ramen.

Tokyo Tokyo's seafood ramen, a tonkotsu broth with prawn tempura, kani crabsticks, tofu, and freshly-made ramen noodles, is a medley of delicious seafood flavors in a bowl. For me, this is the best ramen bowl from Tokyo Tokyo. I've tried original braised pork and spicy chicken ramen years ago and this is the best so far. 

Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Ramen
Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Ramen - 170 Php (snack size), 220 Php (regular size)

Since I am curious with the ramen offerings of Tokyo Tokyo, I went back to try another one. This time, I tried sriracha ramen. It's a steamy bowl of sriracha-flavored ramen noodles with beef strips, half egg and veggies. This is also good but I'm shying away from spicy foods nowadays because of my GERD so this will be the first and last time I'll order this one. It has "runny-nose" level of spiciness so if you're not into spicy foods, don't try this one. If you like ramen with beef, try their tomato beef ramen, instead.

Tokyo Tokyo Tomato Beef Ramen - 170 Php (snack size), 220 Php (regular size)

This is Tokyo Tokyo's third new ramen - tomato beef ramen. As the name suggests, it is tomato-based. It has the same Tokyo Tokyo ramen goodness with a hint of sourness in it. It's topped with ground beef, half egg, corn and other veggies. A good delicious soup for this cold January weather. But I still love seafood ramen so yeah, it would be seafood ramen again next time.

What about you? Have you tried any of Tokyo Tokyo's ramen bowls? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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