Sunday Shutter Delights | Sarsa Kitchen's Isaw (Chicken Intestine)

Sarsa Kitchen's Isaw (Chicken Intestine)
Sarsa Kitchen's Isaw (Chicken Intestine)

Lately, I have this "expectation versus reality" posts on my instagram account (follow me, please ). It's a 2-grid photo of a food I recently tried. The photo on the left I grabbed from the restaurant's website or Facebook account and the right one, the photo I took. This "expectation vs reality" series is just to show the difference in presentation of a specific food a particular restaurant is serving. And to remind you people out there that looks could be deceiving *wink*.

Anyway, the photo above is Sarsa Kitchen's isaw (chicken intestine), one of the street foods we Filipinos love. It's kind of pricey (185 Php per serving) but it's worth a try. It's good and tasted clean, no unsavory "thing" left in the intestine. My officemate who has not eaten isaw in his life tried it and instantly liked it. It really is that good. Try it when you happen to be at Sarsa Kitchen and Bar. If you're that adventurous though, try and eat like a local, get the street food version of this isaw. ^_^

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