Sunday Shutter Delights | Baon Lunch: Fried Asuhos and Steamed Pechay

Baon Lunch: fried asuhos with brown rice and steamed pechay + leftover salmon

When I found out last June that I have high uric acid, I researched and read lots of articles online on how to counter uric acid naturally. Of course, I still took the medicines prescribed by the doctor but I still went on a self-imposed diet restriction. No foods  that contain high level of purines like sea foods specially those that do not have fins and scales like shrimps, crabs, squids, etc. I also limit my red meat intake and found justification for being picky on organ meats like liver and other innards as I read that those are high in purines. To effectively control intakes of these foods, I resolved to preparing and cooking my own "baon" lunch for work. After a month of religiously taking the medicine and following a stricter diet, my uric acid is now back to normal level. 

But during those "diet days", fried (in olive oil) and/or steamed fish and steamed veggies are my usual "baon" lunch so I usually look for fish with fins and scales. A colleague mentioned and suggested asuhos (silver-banded whiting), her favorite fish; found it on the grocery one time, and so I bought some. I fry it on olive oil until it turned golden brown. It's meaty with not so much fish bones and it tasted good so now, this is one of my favorite fish. What about you? Have you tried asuhos before? If not, check it out when you do your grocery thing or when you go to wet market, you might like it too. :)

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