Food Trips | KFC's Garlic Butter Fried Chicken

KFC's garlic butter fried chicken
KFC's garlic butter fried chicken

Last May, I posted here my take on KFC's recent offering then, KFC Chaco: No Shell All Chicken Taco. Chaco is not my kind of dish; I don't like the chicken taco itself as I find it full of extenders and breadings and so it's not a hit for me. Yesterday, I went to KFC again to try their newest offering -- garlic butter fried chicken.

I'm not supposed to eat fastfood dishes nowadays. I'm trying to lower my uric acid and cholesterol level and fried chicken, especially from fastfood chains, should never be part of my diet. But I can't resist the temptation so here I am, sharing my take on KFC's garlic butter fried chicken. Sorry my dear self, yesterday was a cheat day. ;)

So how's this newest offering of KFC? I'd say it's worth cheating for. KFC's garlic butter fried chicken is superb! I love that it's still spicy (my favorite KFC chicken) and I love the butter and garlicky taste of it. It's tasty and flavorful; it negates all the not so good impressions chaco left in my taste buds. Definitely, a must try! I'm just so sad that I couldn’t have it as much as I want to. My health is still my priority so thank you for the tasty garlic butter fried chicken KFC but... Hello again my home-cooked baon meals, you're still the best! ^_^

What about you? Have you tried KFC's garlic butter fried chicken? What's your take on it? Share it in the comment box below. :)
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