Milk Tea Craze | Happy Lemon: RSC Milk Tea With Oreo Cookies and Cream

RSC milk tea with oreo cookies and cream
Happy Lemon's RSC Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream

Milk tea is the current craze in town and though I'm not a milk tea person, I checked out several milk tea brands to find out what's the hype all about. I've tried several milk teas including that of Dakasi, Tiger Sugar and Macau Imperial. So far, of the three (3) posts I've made, it's of Tiger Sugar that I like the most.

I've also tried Happy Lemon, particularly its RSC milk tea with Oreo cookies and cream and here's my take on it. Happy Lemon's RSC milk tea is thicker and filling, just like Dakasi, because of the cookies and cream. It's creamier and tastier too because of the RSC or rock salt and cheese flavor. It has more RSC than Dakasi and you can really taste it. It's not that sweet, too. Between Dakasi and Happy Lemon, I'll go with Happy Lemon for its creamier taste.

How about you? Have you tried Happy Lemon's RSC milk tea with Oreo cookies and cream? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 'Til my next milk tea adventure... :)

UPDATED (June 14, 2019):

Yesterday, I tried Happy Lemon's Tiger Milk Tea, their version of brown sugar milk tea. It was almost mall closing hour then so I was able to place my order at once. The cashier asked me the level of sugar I want -- 50% or 100% but she suggested 50% since the pearls were also soaked in brown sugar. I took her suggestion, paid the milk tea and waited for it to be served. After just a few minutes, here comes my milk tea. I eagerly shook it and then sip it immediately after. First sip and I almost choke on it! It's super sweet; more like a dessert than a drink, even after all the ice have melted. For those who would like to try it, ask if you could have it for 0% sugar. Or ask the cashier to just coat the cup with a very very thin layer of brown sugar syrup for photo-ops, in case you want to take a picture of it.

Happy Lemon's Tiger Milk Tea
Happy Lemon's Tiger Milk Tea

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