Milk Tea Craze | Tiger Sugar PH: First Sip of Brown Sugar Boba with Cream Mousse

Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba with Cream Mousse - 120 Php

I'm a coffee lover more than a milk tea person. But this doesn't mean I totally avoid milk teas. From time to time, I do buy and drink milk teas, too. I am especially curious to try those uber hyped milk teas and find out what's the hype all about. And one of the currently popular milk tea brand in town is Tiger Sugar.

Tiger Sugar is a milk tea brand from Taiwan but it has already expanded in Hongkong, Singapore and since last year, here in the Philippines. I heard from an office mate that Tiger Sugar has opened its branch in Trinoma so I joined the craze and stand in line for Tiger Sugar milk tea. Good thing it was near mall's closing time so I didn't have to wait for too long and ordered Brown Sugar Boba with Cream Mousse, the only available flavor at that time.

So how was my first sip, you would ask? It's a love at first sip! I love the creaminess of the drink and the cream mousse combined. It tasted sweet, but not overly sweet. It's just the right blend of milk, mousse and caramelized brown sugar. I also like that the boba (tapioca pearls) sinkers are chewy and have this hint of brown sugar in it, not just bland sinkers. I'll definitely buy and get this one again.


Another office friend had tried this milk tea first and was not that satisfied with this brand, "lasang taho lang" are his exact words. ;)
I've updated this post since I realized/found out that the drink I ordered isn't milk tea but rather a milk-based drink with brown sugar and cream mousse.

~ oo00oo ~

How about you? Have you tried Tiger Sugar, too? Is it worth standing in line for an hour or so (heard it takes around 2 hours in other stores)? Share your Tiger Sugar experience in the comment box below. :)

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