Juicing | Melon + Kiwi + Cucumber

melon/kiwi/cucumber juice

Recently, I felt like age and stress had caught me I feel so weak. I easily get tired I almost always don't want to go to work. But I heard about juicing and the benefits I'd get from fresh fruits and vegetable juices so I thought of buying a juicer for myself. I read and heard a lot about slow juicer I decided to get one rather than the ordinary juice extractors. Now I could say I didn't regret getting one. I so enjoy trying and mixing fruits and veggies for  my juice, I'm juicing almost everyday.

Today, I tried a mix of kiwi, cucumber and melon (cantaloupe) for my snack. For the concoction, I used half of a melon, 1 medium-sized cucumber and 1 kiwi. I got 400ml out of the portions I've mentioned. The juice I made is more of the sour side it didn't appeal to me that much. But I know it's healthy so of course, it's still gone in no time.

Anyway, based on the recipe book included in the juicer I bought, this mixed fruit-veggie juice is good in preventing heart diseases, even cataract. It also says it's good for the skin. So what are you waiting for? Start and try juicing, too. 

That's it for now, happy juicing everyone. :)

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