Food Trips | Mylene's Brazo de Mercedes and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Mylene's Brazo de Mercedes and Red Velvet Cupcakes
I've been eyeing these cupcakes from a stall near the exit of Landmark Trinoma. I didn't know its name then but I'm craving for something sweet that time I asked how much a piece? The salesclerk told me they're not selling on a per piece basis but rather per box. It's 400 Php something per box and I don't know how it would fare so I just thanked the clerk and left. Last Friday, I again passed by the stall and found out they're selling it per piece now. I bought a piece each of the red velvet cupcake and the brazo de mercedes cupcake for 75 Php and 70 Php, respectively. Pricey right? But I don't care, I really am curious how a 70-peso cupcake would taste like so I just closed my eyes and bought them.

Fast forward an hour later when I got home and after putting down my things, I immediately get a fork and dig into the cupcakes. I first tried the brazo de mercedes and I wasn't disappointed, it's delicious! I love the soft and sugary meringue roll and the sweet and delicious custard filling of this brazo de mercedes. It's pricey yes but definitely worth it.

brazo de mercedes - 70 Php/piece

I didn't wait to finish my brazo before I tried my red velvet. After enjoying my first bite of my brazo, I tried a forkful of the red velvet cupcake. And just like the brazo, this red velvet is equally delicious. The cake is soft and moist and the frosting is not too sweet. This is the best red velvet cupcake I've tasted so far. 

red velvet cupcake - 75 Php/piece

These goodies are definitely pricey. For 70-75 pesos, I could have chicken curry with rice for lunch at my favorite food court stall near my office. But if I could afford it and have some extra moola, why not coconut, I'll definitely buy them again. Actually, I'll try their best seller tomorrow, their flavored ensaymada. I'll update this post and will let you in with how the ensaymada would fare. Till my next food trip! ^_^


Mylene's Bakeshop - Ensaymada and Banana Cake
Food Stall, Landmark Trinoma

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