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Kenny Roger's garlic butter chicken roast platter

Recently, I resolved to lose weight. I even tried listing down and counting all my calorie intakes. But weekends are my cheat days. During Saturdays, I usually went out with a friend. We attend anticipated mass together and we usually eat out afterwards. On Sundays, I'm out for my practice driving lessons. This weekend is no different. And I know I consumed more than the calorie requirements I set myself to consume. For my late breakfast, I had Nestle Coco Crunch with fresh milk; binatog (steamed corn kernels) with grated coconut, milk and sugar for my lunch-cum-snack. It should have been enough for me but I was out for a 3-hour practice driving lesson and I felt like eating more due to stress and tension from the activity so I also had king-size (yeah, king-size...hehe) hotdog on stick. For dinner, the above platter meal from Kenny Rogers was what I had. Super duper heavy right? Definitely more than the 1,500-calorie goal I set for myself. By the way, this Kenny Roger's platter is really a delight, both on the eyes and on the tummy. It's kinda pricey but it's worth it really. And for me, it's better than their regular roast chicken platter. Try it! ^_^

Kenny Roger's garlic butter roast chicken

Oh well, good luck to me again this coming week. I'm done with my driving lessons so I hope I won't be craving for food that much next weekend. Anyway, that's it for my Sunday's shutter delights, happy and blessed Sunday everyone. ^_^

~ oo00oo ~

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