Food Trips | Sambo Kojin: Grill All You Can, Eat All You Can

this were my first digs! love all of them, everything is yummmm!!!!!

My friend and I had our first try at Sambo Kojin a few months back. I think he heard it from his colleagues and so he wants us to try it, too. We were both satisfied on our first try that I knew then we'll be back. That happened three weeks ago. After attending anticipated mass at Sto. Domingo, we headed straight to Sambo Kojin for our usual Saturday dine out. 

Oh, by the way, since we knew how crowded and long the queue of customers who want to dine in at Sambo Kojin could be, we reserved our seats before hand. We stopped by at the restaurant before we attended the mass, had our names listed and requested the receptionist to move our names if we're not yet back. She agreed and so we didn't have to wait long to take our seats later. We were seated after just a few minutes, despite the long list. Anyway, here's what Sambo Kojin offers, our first stop: Korean side dishes for starters and some fresh salads, too.

I liked these side dishes, the marble potatoes!
Japanese delights!
Japanese deligths, from another angle...

I enjoyed my first plate (first photo above). I love their Korean dishes for starter as well as the various types of sushis. Done with our starter plates, we headed back to the buffet table to get varieties of seasoned meats as well as the shrimps for grilling. Below are what we've got:

shrimps and seasoned meats...for grilling! :P
I love shrimps!!!
lots of meat...for grilling!
thinly-sliced beef: very tender and flavorful, easy and fast to grill

If you're starving and would like to dig in at once, they have several ready-to-eat dishes like tempura varieties (Japanese), several Korean dishes including kimchi cake, etc. I haven't tried everything and maybe I wouldn't get the chance to try them all. Oh yes, we enjoyed our first buffet there. We love the food. We like the experience. We were there for the second time, so obviously, we love Sambo Kojin. But we're not going back there again, I guess. It's not because we don't like the foods or the service of the staffs but because of something I noticed during our last visit. When I was getting a second serving of sushis, I saw some very small bugs, as small as black sesame seeds. I thought they are sesame seeds but no, they're moving. Yeah, alive and moving! Tiny cockroaches they were...eww!

strawberry-green-tea-vanilla ice-cream with toppings

Okay, I'm done with the sushis; fast-forward to desserts. For dessert, I took a scoop of green-colored ice cream thinking it's avocado-flavored, found out it's green tea. Good thing I mixed it with strawberry and vanilla, they somehow toned down the strong flavor of green tea. I don't like it at first but eventually acquired its taste, thus loving it towards the end.

cake slices: look nice, haven't tried though...
fruit desserts

Sambo Kojin buffet price, drinks NOT included

We may not be going back to Sambo Kojin again but I still love the grill-all-you-can eat-all-you-can experience we have there. I just hope the staff and the management will keep the place clean, the foods fresh (no crawlers), the staff warm and welcoming. To fellow foodies, I hope you'll never get the chance to experience and see what I've seen...hehe.

That's all for this food trip, till our next food adventure. ^_^


Sambo Kojin Restaurant
West Avenue, Quezon City

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