Sunday's Shutter Delights | KFC Salpicao Bowl

KFC Salpicao (not) bowl

KFC bowls - KFC's newest additions to its offering. But are they really in bowls? For me, they're not! It should have been called KFC cups. In particular, KFC salpicao cup since it was the one I tried.

KFC salpicao cup, err bowl, is a rice meal topped with boneless chicken with salpicao sauce, mushroom and garlic. According to their website, it is served with a "heaping salpicao rice" but check out the photo above and you be the judge. Bowl and heaping eh...that's KFC's salpicao bowl. Hehe... :P

For sure, these recent offerings of KFC wouldn't last long. With such a small serving, I find it pricey (90 Php, sans the drink). And the taste? Well, it's salty and I don't think it comes near the taste of salpicao. But don't mind my blabbering, go try it for yourself. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. ;)

~ oo00oo ~

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