Sunday's Shutter Delights | Red Velvet Pistachio Donut

Red Velvet Pistachio Donut by Gavino's Japanese Donut

I couldn't remember when I first saw Gavino's Japanese Donut in Landmark/Trinoma. I know its been there for quite a while but I haven't tried their products until recently. I was craving for something sweet (but not too sweet) then when I noticed Gavino's. It's a donut so I thought "oh yeah, this could satisfy my craving". So I went to the stall, asked the saleslady of their best seller and was told that red velvet pistachio donut is the one. I ordered for a piece and eagerly took a bite (after taking a shot of it, of course :P).

My verdict? I was not satisfied. I was craving for something sweet that time and this donut was not. It isn't sweet at all. And the red velvet dough? It's not like the red velvet cake I was expecting. Don't get me wrong. It's not really bad. It's just that I was expecting for something this red velvet pistachio donut was not. Oh well, better luck next time for me. 'Til my next food adventure... :P
~ oo00oo ~

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