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Bibimbap is LOVE!
Since I started working in Ortigas, I usually took my lunch in one of the nearby fast food chains. It's been nine months since then; 8 food chains visited alternately, same food choices everyday. Boring, right? Last Friday, I decided to head to SM Megamall, for a change. There at the mall's food court, I saw Oriental Seoul, a fast food joint serving Korean dishes. After checking their offerings, I didn't go checking other food stalls anymore. Immediately, I knew what I would have for my lunch - bibimbap! Since the fist time I tried this same dish at Mr. Kimbob, I liked it at once. It's a dish veggie lovers like me would surely love. Though it has meat, it's just a small portion which only makes it more of a complete meal. Exactly what I'm looking forward for lunch that time.

Oriental Seoul has two varieties of bibimbap, the fresh (served on a bowl) bibimbap and the hot one (served on hot pot). I ordered the hot one, of course. It's basically the same as Mr. Kimbob's bibimbap, except for minor difference in presentation. It almost tastes the same, too. For 99 Php, this is one "sulit" meal for me. Burp... ;)

Spicy Pork

For two consecutive working days (Friday and Monday), I had bibimbap for lunch. Today, however, I decided to try another one of their dish, spicy pork. But this time, I got disappointed. Oriental Seoul's spicy pork serving is very small. It is supposedly a pork dish but it should have been called spicy veggie (or cabbage) as it has more veggies than pork (just 5 small pieces of thinly-sliced pork). The taste is okay but I like more the spicy pork served in another Korean fast food stall near our office. I'll feature it here one day, when I have its photo, so you'll know the difference. By the way, this spicy pork costs 129 Php, more expensive than bibimbap and yet I'm not satisfied. Really, not all that's expensive is good...hehe. :P

Oriental Seoul

That's all for this Oriental Seoul food trip peeps, 'til next time! :)

~ oo00oo ~

Oriental Seoul Food Counter
SM Food Court, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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