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Cebu's Lechon

This coming week, I'll again visit Cebu City; not for leisure but because of work (been to Cebu last year for a short stopover from our Bohol trip, by the way). When I said to a friend that I'll go visit Cebu again, Cebu's lechon came up as our topic. I'm no fan of lechon but I tried it in one of the food stalls at a mall in Cebu last year. It's a bit salty, probably due to some seasonings/spices used but it still is just an ordinary dish for me, nothing fancy, definitely not the one that I'll be looking forward to try again. I'd rather have danggit than lechon actually but if people from our Cebu office would treat us to a lechon food trip, (why not coconut!) I'll give it a try again. I just hope it's not from the same stall/restaurant. :D

Update: We were treated to a lechon food trip by the people from our Cebu office, this time at Zubuchon. For the first time, I appreciated lechon. And now I could definitely say Cebu's lechon is the best, the best I've ever tried. I'm still no fan of lechon but if it's from Zubuchon, I'll gladly try it again. For food trippers and Cebu travelers, try Cebu's lechon from Zubuchon; promise, you'll never regret it. It's kinda pricey but it's all worth it. ^_^

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