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Three Cups Chicken - 270 PhP

My friend and I usually attend (anticipated) mass at Our Lady of Hope Parish in Pag-asa, Quezon City; near the SM North Edsa. After the mass, we'll have our dinner in one of the restaurants at the mall; some other times, at the mall's food court. In this particular weekend, we had our dinner in one of the Chinese restaurants there - the Meylin Pot and Noodle House.

My friend was hesitant then. He's not fond of trying out new restaurants. He's not that fond of trying out new dishes. He's not that adventurous when it comes to food, actually. When he discovered one restaurant that he likes, we usually dine on that same restaurant most of the time. This one weekend, I was able to convince him to try MeyLin. He was hungry and since it was a weekend, most of the restaurants, even the fastfood ones, were full of customers. So we went to the third level of the mall and looked for a new place else to satisfy our hunger.

Since we didn't know of the restaurants specialties, we settled for the dishes that are marked best seller. We ordered three cups chicken, fried rice with salted fish, oyster with tausi and lomi; iced tea for our drinks.

pot of complimentary hot tea
While waiting, they served us with a pot of their complimentary hot tea and a bowl of fish crackers. And then after around 10 minutes, our orders arrived. The first dishes they served were the three cups chicken and the fried rice. You know what's our first reaction were? We looked at each other and smile. I know from then on that we'll never have a second chance with this restaurant. If in my photos, the three cups chicken looked like a large serving, don't be deceived. It's a very small serving, just four small pieces of chicken cuts. The serving is just good enough for one person, definitely not for sharing. The only good thing was that it's very flavorful, the meat is tender and it's really tasty. I love it actually, but not the serving size, of course.

fried rice with salted fish - 220 PhP

After a few more minutes, our other orders arrived - the oyster with tausi and the lomi. I ordered lomi because I just want to compare it with the famous Batangas lomi. It's flavorful, better than that of Chowking's lomi but definitely, not better than Batangas lomi. Nothing beats our lomi of course...hahaha...proud Batanguena eh. ;)

Lomi Chinese-style - 190 PhP (10 peso add-on for the take-out lid)

This oyster with tausi I would say is of good serving but it's too spicy, as in, super duper extra spicy. But since I'm not really a fan of oyster, it's just okay for me. It's not bad, it's just that I'm really not into oyster that much.

Oyster with Tausi - 260 PhP

This is another food adventure that we would just charge to experience. It isn't really that bad, it's just that we find their servings too small and somehow pricey. Oh well, better luck next time. See you on our next food adventure. :)

~ oo00oo ~

MeyLin Pot and Noodle House
3rd Level, Main Building
SM North Edsa, Quezon City

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