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Inutak: Taguig's native delicacy

I was then waiting for my take-home order from Max's when I saw this small stall with a prominent signage: Inutak! I always see this stall whenever I pass by the second level of SM North Edsa but I haven't paid much attention to it actually. However, since I've no company that time, instead of sitting and waiting for my orders to come, I walk around and check the nearby stalls and their products. And that includes Inutak!

That day, Inutak is offering a free taste of their classic inutak, a baked native delicacy from Taguig made of ground sticky rice and coconut cream. I instantly liked its taste so I asked how much is a small cup. You know how much? 120 PhP! Yes, 120 pesos for a small cup of this native delicacy, a cup which is  about 4 inches in diameter; around 300 grams (per the saleslady's account). I could have saved some money had I ordered the bigger one but I find it too pricey so I settled on the small one.

free taste...

It's pricey, yes! But it's worth it. It's creamy and yummy and not overly sweet, I ate all of it in just one sitting. Inutak's flyers said it's best served with coffee, hot chocolate or ginger tea but I haven't had the time to prepare one so I haven't tried it. But I think it would be good, especially if in combo with kapeng barako of Batangas...yum!

Anyway, inutak comes in several flavors: classic (the one in the photo), queso de bola, corn, tablea, macapuno, langka and classic lite. But it's the classic flavor their best seller. Try it when you happen to be in the mall and pass by their stall, you'll surely love it. I do! ^_^

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Kristina's Premium Inutak

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