Sunday's Shutter Delights | Boosog's Creamy and Yummy Monggo Soup

Boosog's creamy and yummy monggo soup

For us Tagalogs, monggo is usually prepared by sauteing and seasoning it with smoked fish or chicharon; sometimes with shrimps. Ampalaya leaves are usually added too but if you're not fond of ampalaya, chili tops can be used as substitute. But in Cebu, monggo soup is prepared differently. I guess it's still sauteed but with an added twist: they used coconut milk instead of water. It's different but I should say it's good, it's creamy and more flavorful; definitely a good starter.

I tried this creamy monggo soup at Boosog Lasang Pinoy in Cebu City. If you happen to visit Cebu, try Boosog; and try this creamy monggo soup. It's yum...promise! ^_^

~ oo00oo ~

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