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Bibimbap a.k.a. Bibimbob

Colorful, flavorful and healthy, that's how I would describe bibimbap. Bibimbap or bibimbob as Mr. Kimbob calls it, is a Korean dish which in the olden times, was served only to royalties. It is a rice meal with fried egg (sunny side-up) on top and various kinds of colorful veggies and a portion of meat (choice of beef, pork, or chicken) surrounding it (see the photo above). The veggies included are carrots, bean sprouts, watercress, cabbage, kimchi, and another veggie (sayote, if I'm not mistaken). A complete meal, really! I love it, especially when mixed with sesame oil and gochujang (Korean sauce), make the dish spicy and really flavorful. And it's quite affordable, too - only 99 PhP per order.  Try it the next time you visit SM food courts (only available there, based on Mr. Kimbob's website).

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