Food Trips | The French Baker's Cronuts and Parisian Macarons

Parisian Macarons
Parisian Macarons - 32 PhP/each
I first saw these kind of macarons in a coffee shop in Makati, along Rada St. They look so cute and yummy I was supposed to try them then but I was held back by the price - 60 or 70 PhP per piece I think, if I remembered it right. I changed my mind and forgot about it actually. Until recently, when I passed by The French Baker in Megamall. I again saw these lovely and colorful small bun-like goodies. It's cheaper so I didn't resist the temptation, I bought not just a piece but a box of these sweet little cuties, for 160 PhP (cheaper than buying per piece).

Parisian Macarons - 160 PhP/box (of 6)

Unlike the typical native macarons we have here in the Philippines in which the main ingredient is dessicated coconut; these macarons were not. Parisian macarons bun-like shell is more like meringue with a soft-melt-in-your-mouth filling. Actually, I don't know which to compare it with. It tasted good actually, it's just that for 32 pesos apiece, I think it would take time before I buy them again. *kurips lang* ;)

Strawberry Croinuts

And then last Friday, while doing my grocery, I again passed by the French Baker (this time, in Trinoma). I checked out their counters for some breads for the weekend when I saw their version of cronuts (theirs were called 'croinuts'). Again, I got curious (first read about cronuts on FB from friends' posts) so I bought two pieces, one strawberry flavor and one white chocolate for 68 pesos apiece.

White Chocolate Croinuts

When I got home, I immediately take the croinuts out of the box and ate it (after taking photos, of course...hehe). My reaction: awww, it's too sweet, the cream filling, especially. And so expensive, too (though I've read from some other posts that croinuts from French Baker is way cheaper compared with other brands). Oh well, may be it's just that I'm not really a fan of croissants, of donuts too (especially if it's too sweet). Okay, better luck next time, in my next food adventure. 'Til then... ;)

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