Sunday's Shutter Delights | Muchas Gracias' Bibingkang Galapong

Muchas Gracias' Bibingkang Galapong
Bibingkang Galapong

It's christmas time once again, Merry Christmas everyone! And since it's only three days before Christmas, I'll feature this bibingkang galapong on this Sunday's Shutter Delights. Bibingka is one of the many varieties of rice cakes here in the Philippines. It can be bought anytime of the year but it's mostly sold during Christmas season, as it is traditionally eaten after attending early hour mass during the Misa de Gallo days. It is best served with Pinoy's traditional ginger tea, salabat. Bibingka is made of rice flour, sugar and coconut milk topped with cheese and salted eggs, with butter and sugar, too.

Anyway, the bibingka in the photo above was bought at Muchas Gracia's Restaurant in San Fernando City, La Union, during our visit to the city last year. For me, it is one of the best bibingka I've tried so far. It is made of galapong with salted eggs and lots of cheese on top. It is soft and moist and creamy, definitely yummy. Try it too, when you happen to visit San Fernando City, La Union in the north. :)

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