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Traditional Adobo Flakes, with rice and egg - 99 PhP

I'm searching for a place to eat along Emerald Avenue (I'm new in this area, just started my new work here) when I saw Adobo Connection's signage outside one of the buildings. I was hesitant going inside at first because it is located on the basement but I'm already famished and I'm also tired of chicken joy for lunch so I tried it. After several steps though, I almost backed out. I haven't seen anyone going to and from the restaurant (it was 2PM then, by the way), I'm afraid I'd be heading to a vacant basement. Good thing there are posters and signages on the wall going down, somehow it assures me there really is a restaurant downstairs. After a few more steps, at last I saw the restaurant. I'm relieved, hehe.

Anyway, it's my first time in Adobo Connection so I asked the staff for their bestseller. The staff then told me traditional adobo flakes is one of their bestsellers so I go for it. I also ordered gising-gising, a spicy vegetable made of sauteed beans with ground meat and coconut milk. To get something to drink, I upgraded my adobo meal to include drinks and a cup of soup for just 20 pesos.

meal upgrade, drinks and soup - 20 PhP
If not for the 4-peso savings (glass of juice would cost me 24 PhP if I didn't avail of the upgrade), I would have regretted upgrading my adobo meal. This soup is bland, and it's not hot. In short, I'm not satisfied.

Gising-gising - 35 PhP

Since I'm a fan of dishes with coconut milk, I liked this gising-gising veggie. It's spicy by the way, might be too spicy (see that red chili in the photo) for those not fond of spicy foods. It's just good for me, though. :) And the adobo flakes? Well, it's good. Though a bit dry, it's still tasty, the adobo flavor in the chicken flakes is still very distinguishable. Overall, I would say its worth a second visit, and a third. Oh well, it's just to say I'll visit this restaurant again, soon. ^_^

~ oo00oo ~

Adobo Connection
Basement, Wynsum Corporate Plaza,
Emerald Avenue, Pasig City

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