Food Trips | Sweet and Spicy Treats at BonChon

Crispy Squid Rice Box - 149 PhP
Going to Globe Business Center at the fourth level of SM Annex - North EDSA yesterday, I pass by the row of food chains at the third floor. I then remembered it's been a while since I've eaten at BonChon. It isn't one of my favorite food chains but since I'm craving for something sweet and spicy, I decided to have my dinner there. I've tried their spicy chicken before but I like their crispy squid more so I ordered for it. To neutralize the very spicy squid (I like spicy dishes but BonChon's hot and crispy squid is too much for me), I also ordered Banoffee Pie Ko-Yo (Korean yogurt) for dessert.

Although a bit dry and too spicy (gives me runny nose afterwards, hehe!), I still love BonChon's crispy squid. It's very crunchy and had this somewhat sweet taste that I didn't find in some other spicy squid I tried. 

Banoffee Pie Ko-Yo - 75 PhP
I'm so glad I ordered this banoffee pie. It was my first time to try it and I loved it. I loved the combination of banana and tarty yogurt plus the crunchy texture of the graham pie crust in this ko-yo creation. I enjoyed every spoonful of it and would definitely order it again the next time.

~ oo00oo ~

SM North EDSA -  Annex
Quezon City

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