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Beef Teriyaki Classic Bento - 185 PhP 
When I'm at the mall (alone) and can't decide on where and what to eat, I usually end up in one of the following food chains: Tokyo Tokyo, Kenny Roger's, Chowking or Red Ribbon. Aside from stalls in the mall's food court, of course. In Tokyo Tokyo, my usual order is beef teriyaki classic bento meal or spicy chicken ramen with gyoza (on the side), depending on what I feel for that day.

Yesterday, I was so bored at home and realized I have some things to buy at the grocery so I decided to go out. It was past 2PM then but I haven't eaten anything yet. Recently, I regularly woke up late, around 12NN most of the time, so I usually take my breakfast, lunch and merienda at the same time. But I didn't take all these (foods in photos) yesterday, huh! I only included these photos here as they are my usual orders when I'm at Tokyo Tokyo.

Anyway, one of the reasons why I like having rice meal in Tokyo Tokyo is the rice they're serving. Not because they offer unli-rice but because I love the white sticky premium rice they used to serve in their bento meal. Recently however, I noticed that they're not using the same premium rice anymore. Maybe the effect of the rising prices of rice, I guess. Oh well, I just wish that they don't sacrifice the quality of their products just to keep off from raising their prices. Nevertheless, I still like this beef teriyaki classic bento meal. It's a complete meal, with veggies (mixed vegetables), meat (beef teriyaki), soup (miso soup), dessert (coffee jelly) and drinks (red iced tea). After finishing this meal, I'm full and satisfied. Also, with this meal, I usually end up not taking my dinner anymore. At 185 PhP for a whole day meal, worth it right? *wink* ^_^

With regards to the ramen and gyoza, I usually order these when it's raining or when I'm not feeling well.   I love the ramen's spicy and tasty flavor and I love that it's served hot, steaming hot. It makes me feel well during those times that I feel sick, makes me full at the same time. ^_^

Gyoza - 35 PhP/ order
Spicy Chicken Ramen -150 PhP (snack-size)

~ oo00oo ~

Tokyo Tokyo
Ground Floor, Trinoma
North Ave. cor. EDSA, Quezon City

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