Food Trips | Fri-date with Friends at Seafood Island

Urdaneta ensalata - 158 PhP

It wasn't my first time at Seafood Island (but my first time here at Seafood Island MOA) so more or less, I have an idea of how their foods taste. But since it is the nearest restaurant to Vikings (it was a Friday then and Vikings' full, we were told to wait at least 35 groups before we could have our turn), we end up having our dinner here at Seafood Island. As I said, it wasn't my first time here so I told my friends that we shouldn't order their set menus, I tried it before and I'm not satisfied. Ala carte that is, and here's what we have:

bagnet sisig - 215 PhP
This probably is the best we had that night, and we all agree on it. It's (bagnet) cripsy, it's flavorful and not too spicy. Otherwise, one of my friends won't like it, she's not fond of spicy foods, by the way. :)

crab maritess, junior crab by the bucket - 795 PhP
For me, crab's a winner, wherever I may be and that includes here in Seafood Island. Though salty, the garlic bits which I happened to taste, that is; the crab's meat was not. And although the crabs were junior size (I ordered for a regular size but wasn't available that time), it's still plump and meaty. No crab fats though, it's a male crab, anyway.

crab rice, large - 275 PhP
Big serving, really BIG, we were only able to finish half of it! :)

baked scallops - 315 PhP
I didn't try this but one of my friends say it's salty and not as rich and tasty as that of Gerry's. ;)

shrimps in butter garlic - 365 PhP
As I always say in this blog, I love sea foods, prawns and crabs in particular. No wonder I like this, even though it was not as delicious as the buttered prawns I've had in other restaurants.

surfer's chocolate shake - 105 PhP

This one's very sweet, the kind of sweetness that would give you sore throat afterwards, esp. if you're susceptible  to one, and the likes...hehe.

Overall, I would say I'm not very satisfied with this Friday food trip at Seafood Island. If only we made it to Vikings early, maybe, we'll have a much better food trip that night. But I'm happy being with friends, so that complements it, somehow. 'Til next food trip fellow foodies.

~ oo00oo ~

Seafood Island
Seaside Boulevard
MOA Complex, Pasay City

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