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maki, sashimi, and more...

Chinatown's Best Food along Banawe Street in Quezon City is one of our (my friend and I) frequented buffet restaurants here in the Metro, even before it was featured on PopTalk, a show on GMA News TV. Pop Talk rated Chinatown's Best Food with the best buffet offer among the buffet restaurants they reviewed that time.

Chinatown's Best Food (in photos):

Chinatown's Best Food: The Buffet Specialist
Chinatown's Best Food: The Buffet Specialist
The restaurant's ground floor is reserved for regular dining customers while the buffet restaurant is located on the second floor.

Asian Station
Chinatown's Best Food buffet offers Asian dishes -- Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino.

No Sharing. No Take-out. No left-over.
food stations...
Chinatown's Best Food doesn't allow taking photos of their foods up-close that's why I can only have photos of the food stations. Only when the foods were placed on your plate can you take photos of them. But it's okay, I only have my cellphone cam to use, anyway. ;)

Buffet Experience:

tuna maki, tiger roll, salmon sashimi, squid sashimi and more, with soy/calamansi/wasabi dip
Whenever I went to this buffet restaurant, I never failed to dig in to their Japanese offerings -- maki, sashimi, tempura (not in photo). I just love their makis, particularly the ones in the photo, tuna maki and the one pinkish in color (I forgot to check the name). I also love their salmon sashimi, very fresh sans the icky/fishy taste/smell. :)

buffet choices, CW: sweet and sour fried fish, calamares, fried tuna with salt and pepper,
Taiwan pechay in yellow bean sauce, asparagus squid, stuffed shrimp tofu (center)
Of the foods in this plate, it's the asparagus squid and the fried tuna with salt and pepper that I love the most. They're very tasty and flavorful, especially the crunchy fried tuna with salt and pepper...yum yum yum! ^_^

buffet choices: crabs with salt and pepper, crispy pata, steamed bean curd roll
Of course, I'll never forget their crab with salt and pepper. Aside from being one of their must-try dishes, I'm a seafood lover so I always look forward to having this. Everything seafood but most of all, crabs and prawns, cooked/prepared in whatever way is <3! ^_^

shrimps, from our previous visit, didn't see this last Sunday :(
buffet choices, CW: tuna sinigang, chicken lollipop, pecking duck (with hoisin sauce), steamed lapu-lapu,
sweet and sour pork, fried rice, ? balls (center)
I love seafood, no question about that. But this steamed lapu-lapu from Chinatown's Best Food is the exception. I don't like it; it's bland and has this unpleasant aftertaste, unlike the steamed lapu-lapu I've tasted from other Chinese restaurants.

...and more! ;)

Chinatown's Best Food has several choices for desserts -- fresh fruits, pastries, halo-halo, salads, a lot more. And they are good, compared to the desserts offered by Yakimix (can't help but remember the not-so-good desserts at Yakimix...hehe!)

included in the buffet price: unli-drinks
With over 60 dishes to choose from and with bottomless drinks included in the buffet price of 548 PhP per person, it's all worth it. Try it! ^_^

~ oo00oo ~

Chinatown's Best Food (The Buffet Specialist)
589 Banawe St. corner Don Manuel St., Quezon City

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