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Kulpy Chicken Counter
Last Saturday, after attending anticipated mass in the Our Lady of Parish in Pag-asa and after an hour of strolling at the mall (SM North EDSA), we (I'm with a friend) then felt hunger pangs. Since we're on a budget, we went to the food court instead of looking for a restaurant to have our dinner. And because there are many options in the food court, we decided to check out different food stalls separately. I looked around first and saw a Korean fastfood stall, the Kulpy Chicken Counter. Since I'm a Koreanovela fan and I'm curious about their foods, I chose to order my foods from them.

On the Kulpy's menu are mostly fried chicken (various parts and combo meal package) but they also have ramen and halo-halo, all Korean versions. I ordered for Honey Chicken Rice (85 PhP) and Seafood Ramen (130 PhP). Honey chicken rice is a combo meal (sans the drinks) of rice and fried chicken bites (with some fried sweet potato bites tossed in customer-chosen sauce sprinkled with crushed peanuts on top) with radish pickles on the side. There are three choices for the sauce: teriyaki, sweet and spicy and hot and spicy; I chose sweet and spicy, the one they call kulpy sauce.

Honey chicken rice - 85 PhP
Since I love sweet and spicy foods, I instantly liked their honey chicken rice. It's flavorful and not too spicy; and I love that it's crispy (outside) and juicy (inside) at the same time. I also love the sweet potato bites that goes with it. Except for the rice (it's not of good variety), I would say "thumbs up" to this honey chicken rice meal. I'll probably order it again, next time. :)

Seafood Ramen - 130 PhP
For the ramen, customers are given the option to choose the spiciness of their noodle soup. Afraid that it might be too spicy, I chose the mild level. And I'm glad I did! Their seafood ramen is spicy, super spicy, at least for me. With regards to the taste, it's very ordinary. It's more like the instant seafood noodles sans the smell/taste of an airtight styro-container. Actually, if not for fresh sea foods, I would think it's an instant noodles. :P And it's pricey huh!?. For 130 PhP, though good enough for two persons, I still find it pricey considering the "instant noodles" taste. ;)

Kulpy side dishes

These side dishes were included in my orders, radish pickles for the honey chicken rice; kimchi for the seafood ramen.

~ oo00oo ~

Kulpy Chicken Counter
Lower Ground Floor
SM North EDSA (main building)
EDSA cor. North Avenue, Quezon City

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